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See these wedding photos taken after the party bus went up in flames

 What could easily have been tragedy was immortalised in photographic memory as a wedding to remember.  Shane McCollow, 29, and his bride, Krissi, 26, were on their way to the Little Brown Church in Iowa for their big day when the bus full of a dozen wedding attendees grew unbearably hot. Soon smoke began to creep into the bus forcing the wedding party to evacuate, not long after, one of the tyres exploded engulfing the vehicle in flames.
 Krissi said:

'I just knew something wasn't right because of the smell and smoke.' Wedding photographer McKaila Hanna said: 'We started to get a lot of smoke, it was almost like an exhaust smoke, kind of halfway until we got there. It was so smoky by the time we got there. It was pretty rough.'
 Hanna encouraged the party to pose for wedding photos with the flaming bus in the background and when the firemen arrived, they happily posed for photos too. Hanna said her goal is to document a wedding 'from beginning to end' so she didn't let a small fire rain on her parade instead she seized the moment to capture memories that will endure. 
The bus company involved said the fire was caused by a leak in the brake chamber, and a new bus was sent to the church to whisk the couple to their reception.

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