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AY Under Fire After Making Jokes About TBoss' Private Jet At His Show

After Big Brother Naija,these people have moved on and are friends now..YES I KNOW...That is what show Biz is all about..I dont understand all these comments..

This is a photo of Tboss smiling with AY after the supposed joke....You people should stop taking panadol for Tboss,she definitely does not need all this negativity you all are bringing her way with all these comments..GOSH!!!

I did not support her in the big brother house because I had my favourite but that doesnt mean i will not blog about her and support her hereafter,and then some of you will come here to remind me that i didnt support her and ask me why I am blogging about her and calling me a hater of her beauty..ARE YOU PEOPLE FOR REAL?
This is showbiz baby...that is how it is !!!

Tboss is happy and she knows her game..Instead of sitting on the net doing Voltron her her,look for a way to progress your own life...Your comments fighting people on her behalf is not good for her,it is no longer funny!
This me saying my mind and I no send anybody!
Grow up and be an adult,there are too many frustrated,myopic minded people with internet on their phones..
 BIG BROTHER NAIJA 2017 IS OVER....get over it!
Imagine these comments!

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