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"I feel betrayed" Former Housemate Bisola Reacts To TTT's Marital Status

She says she feels a little betrayed that he hid such from her.

In case you cannot view the video,Her words are....

''Okay so I just found out that Thin Tall Tony is married , has a family and in my mind, I am like "dude you are one amazing actor. Good thing I did not have it in my head that after the show, I was gonna come out and have some sort of romance with you. But hey! I hope your wife did not deal with you too much.

Somehow, I feel slightly betrayed that friendship I thought we had. I thought we could really be close buddies outside of the house. Tony, I hope your family is doing great. I just feel a little betrayed. C'mon, we were really close. We shared a lot of things. This one thing you didn't say... I don't know. Why why why? Anyway. It's your choice. You played the game the best way you knew how to.

When I get home, the first thing I would do is kiss my daughter until she turns red.''

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