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Angry youths vandalise police station in Ogun State

Angry youths vandalise?police station in Ogun State
On Sunday 14th January, angry youths reportedly attacked the Ojodu-Abiodun Police Station in Ifo Local Government Area of Ogun State.

According to reports, the youth vandalised parked cars and windows of the police station building. It was learnt that the youth got angry after policemen, who were intent on arresting a fleeing Yahoo boy, pursued him into a football pitch.

Before the chase, some youths were already playing football. When the policemen chased the fleeing suspect into the pitch, some of the youth resisted the policemen from arresting before one of the policemen opened fire; his bullet hit a man identified as Dada Omotayo at the back. It was alleged that men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), attached to Ojodu-Abiodun Police Station, carried out the shooting.

One of the witnesses said “It all happened because the SARS men wanted to arrest a young man, whom they believed to be a cyber-fraudster. The policemen pursued him into the football field. Some youths thereafter prevented them from arresting him. It was in that process that one of the SARS men started shooting into the air, apparently to scare away some of the youth. One of his bullets hit Dada Omotayo at the back.

Immediately news of the shooting reached some friends of Omotayo, they mobilised and headed for Ojodu-Abiodun Police Station. Some of the policemen were said to have taken to their heels, when they saw the protesting youths, marching towards the station.

Case files and other documents were littered the ground at the station and tt least four vehicles, believed to be impounded, were vandalised.

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