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Actor Chinedu Ikedieze Says His Height Has Not Limited His Success Despite Wishing He Was Taller...

Chinedu Ikedieze of Aki and Ukwa fame once declared that God gave him everything but height. 

You once said that God gave you everything but height. How has your height defined who you are?

You know there are things you can’t change. If it was easy to add some inches to my height, I would have done that. But since I can’t change it, I have to play along. I have to be who God has made me. Yes.

Do you think your height has limited you in any way?

No. It has not. It is just that in my other kind of imagination, of course I am human, there are little, maybe unnecessary things I would have done with a taller physique.

Do you want to share some of these little things?

No. I don’t need to. But I think I have become the person I dreamt of becoming. So, I can’t give less, or compare myself less of who I am.

Do you think that you would have been more successful if you had a taller physique?

I don’t know. I believe in the law of nature. If God had destined that I would be very successful, no matter my structural description, I would still be who I am ordained to be.
from Tribune

*Beautiful responses!

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