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Slain rapper, XXXTentacion's lawyer told him to hire security before his death

Slain rapper, XXXTentacion
It’s been a week since XXXtentaion's untimely death. The Rapper was shot dead as he left an upscale motorcycle store in Deerfield Beach. Despite his increasing fame, he didn’t seem to feel the need to have security around him at all time.

His lawyer, David Bogenschutz, revealed that he suggested the rapper increase his security detail prior to his death when he spoke to Sun-Sentinel earlier yesterday about the murder.
He explained that ahead of X’s death, he suggested the rapper increase the security detail around him as he gained more fame. He said that X refused to carry a firearm on him. “We talked about him needing security, that he was past the point of being a kid making melodies on a street corner,” Bogenschutz said.

He said that X was making the right moves to change his life around. “I took a personal interest in him, I liked him. He was a kid, 19, when I first met him.” Bogenschutz revealed that after X was off of house arrest, he was granted permission by the court to travel to recording studios and was getting ready to play shows in Europe.

“The incredibly sad thing about this is this kid had turned his life around since November. It was amazing, the turnaround. He was on a real upward track” he said. 

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